Ever thought of becoming an author?

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? I’m not just talking about a novel with a hero and a deep plot. I’m talking about any kind of book … the kind of book that comes about from years of experience and knowledge that you carry around in your very own brain.

I bet at some point in your life you have considered it but it was just too much work or you weren’t sure where to start, how to put it together, where or how to market it. Right?

Well, fear not anymore. Your objections are about to get much less debilitating.

Why not create your book out of thin air with your very own voice? Here’s how.

Start out by writing an outline for what you want to say in the book. It doesn’t have to be extensive. Just a topical outline with headings and sub-headings will do nicely. Try to come up with about 7-11 major headings.

Now take the outline apart, listing each major heading on a separate piece of paper. Each major heading will become a chapter.

On each piece of paper, list your sub-headings and create bullet points under each. These sub-headings will be your smaller topics under each chapter. Getting the idea?

When you’re finished listing everything you want to include and each major heading is on a separate sheet of paper, add any quotations you want to use at certain points, even if they’re your own quotes. Quotes are always a good key to making something more interesting.

Now you’re ready for the fun part.

Dial in to your favorite free conference line and start recording.

Pick up your first heading page and announce the chapter number and title.

Now start talking, using your pages as notes for your presentation. Don’t worry if you make a mistake speaking. It won’t matter. Just keep going. If you say something you don’t want, just say, “Take that out and replace it with this.” No matter what, KEEP GOING> Don’t stop and don’t edit yourself as you speak. Just deliver all the content inside your brain.

Record one chapter at a time so as not to overload yourself. You don’t want to kill the project before you’ve finished it, after all. 🙂

Once you’ve finished recording one chapter, find someone who can transcribe it for you and hand off the chapter to be transcribed while you continue with the next chapter.

Keep this up for each chapter until you are finished with your outline. When the transcripts come back from the transcriptionist, you’re ready to edit and start revising.

And that’s IT. Seriously, that’s all there is to it. You have just written a book without writing a single word. No writer’s block, no long hours pouring over your computer. Just speaking in your own voice, saying things you have known for years.

How do I know about this technique? Our Aging Loved Ones was born from this very idea. The only difference is that I didn’t know the content I wanted to write about so I found 12 experts who did know what I didn’t. I asked them each questions about their area of expertise and the book was born. All I did was ask questions and they gave all the content. Incredible but true.

If you’d like to write a book, get out some paper, create your outline, and you’re on your way.

YOU can do this!